About me

Hi! I am Janaina, everyone calls me Jana, but my mom! I am a Brazilian and I have been living in USA for almost four years now. It took some time to realize that many things can not be the same as it was while I used to live in Brazil. But, a thing that didn't change is my passion for sewing and specially for working with fabrics that are more than an inspiration by itself. As you can imagine, I am a fabric worm! I love making accessories like bags, covers for Ipads and books. Lately I also went on some adventures sewing home decorating items for my place.
In Brazil I used to have a nice online shop for a few years and customers all around the country. Some of my  bags were also  featured on  named magazines, sites and blogs in that time. After I moved to California and gave birth my first child ( a girl that now is a little older than two) I also fell in love with sewing for babies and toddlers. I like to learn more about sewing and quilting by reading craft books. That's my another passion. I have lots, lots of craft books on my nightstand right now!
I hope you can get some inspiration on your sewing projects while visiting my blog! You are welcome to leave a comment or even to contact me if you want.

That's my family, I have an adorable daughter and a supportive and lovely husband.

Thank you!
Be happy. Be blessed. Enjoy!

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