August 22, 2014

Three blocks - Wishes Quilt Along

Hi friends! I hope you're having a wonderful week! I made some progress with my blocks from Wishes Quilt Along. After my little boy was born in April I took a long time to adjust my routine again. You now I had my mom here for a long time and I got used to have a lot of things done (who wouldn't? haha).  I miss her so much, just because she is my oldest friend I can count on her on everything I need... well, I should stop before I cry. ;-)
Anyway, it's also good to have the house, the kids and the hubby to take care all by myself again. It feels like a new start.

About the blocks, I liked them a lot, the process of making them, so easy cutting and piecing. The only thing that is bothering a bit is a tendency I've to choose old fabrics when starting new projects. I almost feel like the oldest daughter should always get married first! hahaha Do you understand me? So, I'm always putting on hold fabrics that I just added to my stash. Then, the vicious circle just keep going on, my new fabrics are just waiting in the bins to get older and to be used someday in the future...

Sigh... I just wish I could execute more of my projects in a near future then, I could get to enjoy more my stash.
Do you have this habit? Do you always have a project in mind when buying the latest fabric collection in the market? I'd love to know! But, keep reading I have another bad habit :-/

Besides I'm using old scraps, I've the worse habit of not measuring my fabrics to find whether I'm gonna have enough for the project. Really? Yes, it sounds like I love taking risks... and I really do. But, the result of it is not always fun. Notice my background... I just couldn't find the same light blue I started my blocks with. Now, I have this darker blue and I need to figure out how to get the best of the blocks distribuiting them nicely in my top when I've all the blocks for this quilt. Wish me luck! I'll keep you updated about this adventure ;-)

If you wanna make these blocks and get to learn more about Wishes Quilt Along, click here. There is still time to make the blocks for a very cute quilt. It's also a project with a beautiful cause leaded by Kimberly and the Fat Quarter Shop team.

As always, thank you for stopping by!


Brenda said...

You keep doing what you are doing: making blocks with what you have and STOP stressing that the 'blues are not that same' or whatever other issue that comes up. You are creating magic with your blocks, you are creating movement and variety - mostly you are creating a fun quilt with a fun attitude!!!
Do not stop!!!! Anyone can have matchy/matchy but no one can create a quilt like you are making!!! Your project is special and unique and so far done very nicely!!!! Keep it up!

Jana Machado said...

Wow Brenda! Your comment really mean a lot to me. I appreciate your sincere opinion about my blocks. You're right each project are special and we can make it our way and it will still be beautiful in the end. Thank you so much for the kind words about how you visualize my quilt will be.
Have a nice weekend!

Sherry said...

I think your blocks look wonderful and totally agree with what Brenda said. Hey, you are ahead of me on this project. I thought I'd have more done than I do but alas, I have quilters ADD and start too many projects before finishing one! Have a great weekend!

Kim said...

Your blocks look wonderful! I love scrappy looking blocks. They are a nice reminder of all the wonderful things you've made with them.

Ruth said...

This reminds me of the way I work. I never measure out and plan the entire quilt before beginning on it. I just start with an idea and add to it, and, like you, I run out of fabric and make substitutions now and then. I don't run to the store to see if I can find a match (unless it is a heritage quilt-one with a lot of history in it), so I just lay out fabric, and cut it, and sew it and enjoy the result.If I like it, that's all that matters.

Jana Machado said...

Hi Ruth!
Thank you for visiting my blog! I enjoyed reading your comment. Actually you made smile because I don't feel alone running out of fabric for my quilts anymore!! I visited your profile and I saw you have a big family to make quilts for... isn't it wonderful?! A lot of chances for taking risks!

Hi Sherry! I'm glad you are making your Wishes Quilt Along blocks too! You know I was so late with them that one afternoon I just decided to make all three!

So kind of you Kim! I'll remember your words when making them! ;-)