August 29, 2014

Big hexagons Quilt, a few stories and lots of pictures!

Once upon a time... what I have to tell is almost a fairy tale. Everything began last year, at Vegas, Riley Blake Fabric Fest 2013 (post I and post II)  What? One year ago?

There I had a chance to meet some of my fairy godmother quilters: Lori Holt, Amy Smart, Jenny Doan. If you are wondering, yes I took pictures with them, of course hahaha (I'll show you even I'm not good at the pictures, not-at-all ).

Well, I had two classes with Jenny, one of them was about learning how to make big hexagons with the 10" Hexagon Template by Natalie Dawn.

That's the story, one year later (this week), I found my hexagons rows crying to be put together in a bag. Oh well, with three baby showers coming I do think I need some baby quilts.

At the time, we should bring one layer cake for the class. I chose Snug as a Bug which came with 18 different 10" prints if I remember well (I added only two hexagons from my stash). When I finished sewing the rows I realized the top wasn't a good size and actually it was too rectangular. So, I added borders in different sizes for each of the two sides then I got more balanced shape.

I really think this quilt is perfect to be used as a play mat (it measures 31x38"). I also think it could be used on the floor as a rug. Kids like a little cozy spot to play with their favorite toys on the floor.

I made the back of this quilt the same way I made the back of my Flutter quilt, very improvisational and trying to use fabrics the size they were in my stash without cutting too much. This time I spent more choosing fabrics for the back than I wanted. Even though, I had some fun choosing prints that would complement the front of the quilt in term of colors (most of the prints came from my 12 Lbs Fabric Grab Bag, again!)

My experience quilting was not that great... I did some double loops (is it correct?!) but, I don't know, my hands just couldn't do a more round shape until when I was about to finish it.  I think after being washed the quilting will have a better look overall.

Ok, as I promised the picture with Jenny Doan and two of her daughters right bellow. They were so incredible sweet and patient with me at the class. I was having the worse morning sickness ever. :-(

Jenny is a wonderful teacher, everyone should watch one of her classes in videos at least once in life. I'm talking to quilters, of course!! Jenny told a lot of funny stories during the class. I was always confused if I should listen her stories or sew a bit, haha She is energetic, a passionate quilter, always laughing and encouraging students. Quilting is her life, no doubt about it.

So, after class in the last day of the Fest my husband showed up in his flip-flops (no comments, please hahaha) from the pool from the hotel where the Fest was being hosted and took some pictures of us which I could save only this one to show you... why husbands never take good pictures of us?!! Never mind... 

Ok dear daughter, time to get out of this little quilt. It will be wrapped to make a gift for some new princess coming soon.

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Regina Diniz Outeiro said...

Quilt lindo, filha linda e ótimas companhias!

Carol said...

Very cute quilt. I do enjoy watching missouri star video tutorials, so many simple and fast quilt patterns.

Jana Machado said...

Obrigada Regina! Gostei muito de terminar este quilt! Ah, Clarice eh sim uma menina linda!

Thanks Regina! I'm so glad I finished this quilt. Oh yes, Clarice is adorable!

Jana Machado said...

Hi Carol! I also enjoy Jenny classes on Craftsy! She was born to teach!

Karina said...

Oi amiga!

Nossa que fashion! E essa modelo que está demais nas fotos! super fotogênica!

Abraços, karina