June 17, 2014

Fabric Grab Bag - a delightful surprise!!!

I've been seeking a surprise 12 pounds fabric grab bag from Fat Quarter Shop for quite a while. I love this idea of getting a box full of fabrics for a great price since, well, a long time.  I remember when I used to live in Brazil (while I had my small business producing and selling fabric bags) I once got a bag with scraps from another online fabric store. It was a long journey though... A friend of mine was moving from New York back to Brazil and I can't believe now days how I could ask her to bring me some extra pounds of fabrics!!! Oh, well I did. She brought all the fabric in her backpack inside airplane so I could save money on shipping and importing taxes. 

Last week I really took advantage of a exclusive coupon sent to my email with a 20% Off code!!! It was a "We Miss You" coupon from FQS to loyal customers! A perfect time to treat my soul with a box full, I mean FULL of fabrics! (OK, if you did not get a code keep reading to take advantage of another deal running this week until June 22nd).

I could make three piles like this one with the fabrics that came in the box!

If it does worth it? SURE! But, this is my honest opinion about getting fabrics in a bulk. This kind of mix is perfect if you don't mind mixing fabrics that aren't necessarily from the same collection in your projects. Also if you don't mind getting a lot of different width from each print. For example, I got some one yard of fabric in my box, but also some strips about 6"inches wide. It also gives you options when choosing prints to make some project. I think if you're a newbie quilter it's a quicker and cheaper way of giving richness and color to your stash too. 

Some of my favorite prints 

Sometimes it's just hard to choose one bundle from dozens of new collections we have available each season. If you buy one bundle of fabrics you miss all the other prints you also like from other collections  because can't afford all at once. Well, if you get the bag it's like someone else made a great favor for you mixing prints from different collections and making you feel like you got much more than if you had to choose only one or two bundles of fabrics.

Some fabrics are not really my favorite color or print (really just a few), but I do see potencial on each different print that I got in the box. I can imaging myself creating scrap and creative backs for my quilts, for example. The less loved prints could line bags or pouches, or I could use only a little bit of them if I'd make a stamp quilt or very scrap one, for example. Consider that sometimes we buy a bundle but not always we love all of the prints that come in that collection, we do buy because our favorite ones though...

My last reason: if you do like the element surprise in life... I mean, the good surprise, the grab bag is also for YOU!

Take advantage until June 22th of a FREE Shipping at FQS! Celebrate with FQS their 11th anniversary and give yourself a gift! 

Fat Quarter Shop is a sponsor on my blog. But, this post has my very honest opinion about buying a fabric bag. I'd make a post like that anyway. Actually I've been waiting a long time to get a fabric bag from the shop and share my experience here.

I'd love to hear your opinion about buying "blind" boxes like that. How do you buy fabrics, do you prefer buying half yards, fat quarter bundles, eights, charm packs? Have you bought a fabric bag before? 

Thanks for stopping by... and THANK YOU for all the comments on my previous post! I'm trying to answer all of them, very slow process, but very happy with all the tips, critiques and compliments I got about my blog!


Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl said...

I have never gotten a surprise big bundle of fabric like that before, but it sounds really exciting. Definitely something for me to consider in the future! :)

Jana Machado said...

Hi Yvonne! Yes, I think you wouldn't regret it!