April 22, 2014

English Paper piecing - Hexagons and a Kitchen Towel

Hello! Are you surprised to see me around? Well, me too! 40 weeks pregnant, my friends! Can you imagine how anxious I am?! The only certainty I have right now is that, I'm definitely learning to be more patient... God knows what lessons we need to learn.

Talking about quilting, I've learned some new techniques too! I've to confess, I've never made anything with hexagons before. I had a click when re-watching some classes on Craftsy few weeks ago. Sewing at the machine in the first weeks of my newborn is a very ambitious thing to plan,  but I do need to keep my hands busy while he's naping or just quiet (Am I too optimist?)... actually making hexagons now have helped me to keep my mind busy while waiting for his arrival. 

I started my newest adventure printing some hexagons templates. I printed them on card stock paper. It's totally worth it as I'm using the templates for the second time. Even perforated by the needle, they still working great. Find some free templates here (many sizes available) also here. I used the 1 inch (measurement on each side of the hexagon).

I have a tip to share. The mini charm packs or the Moda candy as they are known are PERFECT to make 1" hexagons! Each collection come with 42 2.5"x 2.5" squares. All you need to do is to cut each corner of the square then wrap each new shape on the paper and sew them by hand.

As each mini charm pack come with 42 squares I could make six Grandmother's flowers garden blocks with no waste of any square. Score!

I decided to applique two of the flowers in a flour sac towel I bought at Amazon while ago. The set came with seven towels, perfect to make some for you as well as to give some as a gift. As my mom is here (Yuuupi!) I asked her to crochet a simple border on the edges of the towels. It turned out to be so cute... (I've more coming in different colors).

I decided to use my machine to applique instead of doing it by hand. I think you agree the kitchen towels go a lot in the washing machine. I chose the stitch bellow (showed in the left side of the machine's screen). It also turned out great and almost invisible to see from a distance.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and get excited to make some hexagons! Do you have a stockpile of mini charm packs like I have?! Go for the hexagons!  It's also relaxing and addicting!

I've just linked up my post on WIP Wedsnesday hosted by Lee at Freshly Pieced.  Go to see what everyone else is making this week!


Nilya said...

Oh, I wish you the best with your newest arrived :-). Lovely idea to sew your hexies on towels, Looks great!

mARICa said...

Thanks for tips!
The fabric is beautiful! Using on a towel is a excellent idea. Recently I've already met hexagons in other blog (for pot holder). I think I will make them as well :-P

Successful delivery )))

Swedish Scrapper said...

Wow, so many tips in one post! Now I know what I will do with some mini charms. You did the math for me so there's no excuse now! That stitch looks great on your lovely towels. Congrats on your new arrival!

Ruth said...

Very pretty! That shirtings line is gorgeous in hexie shape. All the best for the new baby!

Tina Craig said...

Patience is a virtue I do not possess! It's so nice that your mom is there to craft with you while you wait for your new bundle of joy.

Tanyia said...

I love your hexies, I am currently doing my first ever hexie project as well, and I think I might be falling a bit in love with them :)

I do not think you are being too optimistic, newborns sleep a lot so I am sure you will have time, but maybe not so much at night lol. You might just wanna sleep a lot though hehe. Best of luck with the baby!

Stopping by from Lee's WIP hop http://www.domesticdeficitdisorder.blogspot.com/2014/04/wip-wednesday-april-23rd.html

Pam Wilde said...

I have hexies on my to do list, this may be the way to go.
Linking from WIP Freshly Pieced

Marsha Cooper said...

I'm for sure going to check out the print outs. I looked and looked and didn't find any that matched the pack I had bought at the quilt shop.
I made due but only printed 2 pages.
They say you can use the over and over but I am finding they aren't really too good after a few uses.
I have tons of hexagon flowers to get made.
I also love the idea of using them on tea towels. Thanks for the great idea for making gifts.

handmadeby EvaRose said...

So crisp and fresh! immaculate precision too...I love it.

Hildy said...

Thanks for the tip with the mini charm packs never thought of them in combination with hexagons.
Hope you're doing well and your little one will arrive soon:-)

sonia said...

I've got a diamond s quilt on the works, same technique, but it's taking forever! Good luck with your labour, and really hope you have time to sew with a newborn in the house.
I come from crazy mom's.

sonia said...

It's beautiful. Those hexagons look so much fun; although I'm working on a diamonds quilt, same technique, and it's taking forever!
Good luck with your labour.

Fort Worth Fabric Studio said...

I love your hexies Jana! What a great way to dress up a dish towel! Thanks for linking up! We have featured your post on the Fort Worth Fabric Studio Blog!


Jana Machado said...

What a nice response I had on this post! Thank you all so very much! And thank you for visiting my little corner while I've been busy with my newborn. I'm gonna try to answer each of you by email.

Granny Maud's Girl said...

I have two of those tiny charm packs. One I plan to do something hexagony with and the other ... I am still thinking.
Both will probably become cushions, or maybe I'll make one cushion and one bag.
Thanks for reassuring me on the hexagons plan!