April 07, 2014

A dress in no time

Why the kids are the happiest people in the world? In a few words, just because they are simple, easy to please and  they don't judge (well, I hope my daughter will be like that for a while, until become a teenager? probably...) .

I grabbed less than a yard of this fabric (0.6 of a yard to be precise) at Joann last week. Have you ever seen this kind of fabric before at Joann? Well, I have spent one third of my life there and never saw it before. It already comes with elastic on the top, finished hems and more: with "little pony" print, the latest obsession of my three years old (but you can find tons of cartoon's print there). I only needed to close the back and to make straps, so the dress won't go to her knees in the first jump she'll surely do after wearing it.

Sometimes we just need the easiest project ever to start our day. I got so happy I made those straps in no time that I ended up making two blocks after I finished the dress. I guess I also was feeling easy to please today. Well, no kid and husband at home also help sometimes... 

I wish you get inspired and choose a very easy project to start your week like I did :)

 I also took pictures of some roses from my little backyard. I'm so glad it was raining some days ago because I'm not good taking care of any flower or garden. The nature made the job for me like the fabric I bought ;D  It's awesome when we can get some job already done. Just sometimes...

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