January 17, 2014

Yellow pot holder

It has been fun making these potholders lately :-) I'm just not having a lot of time to sew because I've been a full time mom lately. Well, I'm anyways... but, this has been a tough week since my husband is in Brazil because he lost his grandpa. Very tough, but God has given the strength to go through it. My little one wanna all of my attention to compensate the distance of daddy.

As you may note, my binding specially on the corners of the yellow pot holder is much better this time than on the red one. First, because on the yellow one I used the french fold binding technique (mostly used by quilters, I found a good explanation here) instead of the double fold  binding technique (I made the binding like the ones we buy in packages or the ones made with bias tape maker on the red pot holder)

Secondly, because I used this wonderful little tool the wonder clips from Clover. It's a way better than using pins to hold your binding in place just because you're not going to hurt your precious fingers as it happens all the time with pins.

I also forgot to show the back of my latest projects, so here they are. I couldn't pass it since I think the back as much as cute as it is in the the front ;-) Also they are very, very scrappy ;)


Gemini Jen NZ said...

Very cool fabrics = very cool results! Great work! Condolences to your husband and family on your loss :-(

Sara said...

Love your pot holders:)

Hildy said...

Thanks for the binding info think I'll need to give it a try:-) Yours look great:-)

Jana Machado said...

Hi girls! I hope you all got my personal message by email! Thank you so much for stopping by. Very kind words of you all!