January 10, 2014

Pot holder + cosmetic bag

Hello folks!

Did I already tell you how I love Finish up Friday by Crazy Mom Quilts? I admire Amanda so much for the courage for just setting up a day in the week to show up finished quilting projects. As if this weren't enough she has other posts during the week and her finish ones aren't only small projects. Today she has a quilt made with 3" squares. It is definitely in my to do list since I got the inspiration to make very scrap quilts from the book Sunday Morning quilts (I've written a review about the book).

Here it is, I had only to bind this pot holder today and I did it. For the first time I used the insul-bright fabric to really make this pot holder useful in the kitchen not burning anyone else's hand. Actually, my intention was having it done as a Christmas gift... I also have more five to finish... let's talk about it later ;-)

The little cosmetic pouch was made while ago. I did quilt the cosmetic bag after the piece done with straights lines around the seams. I also have to say that all the inspiration for theses pieces came from the class Quilting-as-you-go: Patchwork Bags with Tara Rebman at Craftsy. I took the class last year but, I'm still completely hooked by the quilting-as-you-go technique. I also made a couple of bibs with the same technique (check it here). 

The only thing I'm not satisfied with is that I didn't get perfect binding on the corners of the pot holder. I also did bind starting from the back to the front while I should have started on the front (have you noticed that?! Hope not!). OK, I'm gonna watch some "binding curved corners" video tutorials so I'll get it more accurate in the next five pot holders I've to finish! 

On the other hand have you noticed the size of the scraps I use on these items? Some stripes are really narrow, 1 ou 1,5" inches wide. I keep all of the little scraps... can't help myself. I keep a little box full of them next to my machine and just pull them out while making small projects like those.

Now is your turn, what you did finish this week?! Have a great weekend ;-)


Sara said...

Very cute projects and I adore the gingham binding on the pot holder!!

Hildy said...

Hi Jana,
I'm glad you're back and everything is okay with you and your family!
Love your potholders and I know the corners are really hard, mine look the same;-)
I hope to finish my Blogger Girls BOM this weekend just need to quilt it (as if it would be that simple, ha).
Have a wonderful weekend, Hildy

Jana Machado said...

Thank you Sara! It's funny I ended up using the gingham because I'm running out of reds. It was the only stripe I had to bind the piece!
Also, I wanna thank you for stopping by and leaving a message!

Jana Machado said...

Hi Hildy! I'm also glad to hear from you. It has been a long time... Blogger Girls BOM sounds cool! I'm gonna check it out! Well, quilting isn't that simple, but we have to make it work!