January 16, 2014

More blocks - Simply Retro quilt along project

Hi everyone! Hope you are having a blessed week! I have two more blocks from Fresh project for the quilt along. After posting my first block I realized how the center was off! I had almost 700 views on my first block on Flickr when I update the picture though :-/
I think quilting is about that. Sometimes when you really feel bothered with something off in your block is better fix it before getting the quilt done. So, I also fixed my block, kind of hard though, and I know it's because I did not use my 1/4" foot this time. As I started with the regular one I decided to keep with it on the following blocks.

I also realized  that blocks with points to match specially the ones with stars it's better press the rows open. For instance, in this block you have to turn some units around to shape the star (there are four units). As you sew the units some rows are just not going to have opposite seams anyway (nesting seams). So, it's better press it open than get seams going in the same direction and a lot of bulk in the back. Hope you understand. You're welcome to share your thoughts, I'd love to learn some with you too!

As you probably can see I still have some points off here and there, but at list in the center they are OK to my eyes... we learn with mistakes, right?! Now, I'm not that bothered anymore and I can move forward. One more block and I hope have this quilt done next week!

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