January 30, 2014

Fresh quilt top and a winner!

I'm so into celebrate today! I've a quilt top, folks! (no good pictures though... It has been raining and cloudy these days and I'm still need to explore new spots in my new place to take nice pictures).

I'm excited I've been working in some projects little by little lately. It's better small steps than nothing. It wasn't always like this in my head and I'm still learning about these small steps until I finish something.

I'm making this quilt for a two years old girl and it needs to be bigger than a baby quilt size... so, I'm probably gonna add borders to it.

That was the rule to get a few more shots today. My daughter had to show her little sheep someway, haha

So, very good feeling about finishing the Simply Retro Quilt Along... Yesterday was the last day for entries and we have the winner randomly chose for the Fresh project challenge. And she is... Kim from LilyPatchQuilts !!! Very happy for you girl! Check other projects here.

So, that's not all! I'm planning a  post with all of my finished projects from this quilt along. I'd love to share my thoughts about this experience... Come back soon and thank you very much all of you that hung in there with me during this quilt along. It was a big pleasure for sure! 


Kim said...

WOOHOO!!! Thank you so much!
Your quilt top looks fantastic and your little one is so adorable. I remember those days when my children would always want their pictures taken.

Jana Machado said...

Hi Kim! It was great having you participating in this quilt along :)