January 31, 2014

Block 1 - Sugar Block Club 2014

Early this month I got to know about the 2014 Sugar Block Club 2014, a block of the month series by Amy Gibson. Last year I did join the club, but got completely lost with so many things going on. 

This year I decided I'd take the task, no excuses! I had a few reasons to join the Sugar Block Club 2014:
- Like the idea of making blocks one each month. Sounds more like something close to my real life. Something that as I said in the early post I've learned lately.
- I signed up for the BOM 2011 with Amy Gibson by Craftsy. It was when I got to know Amy, her blog and style and felt in love with her way to teach. 
- Loved the blocks sent by email every month last year (even not making them, forget it :-/) and it did come with a treat: exclusive cooking recipes from Amy. Her block instructions were very clear with a nice layout. Love her organization. 

Then... my very first block! Today is the last day of the month but I made the block some days ago. No rush! Real life, remember? haha

However, I'd call this block a big challenge. I started thinking about the fabrics for the blocks almost three weeks ago!! I remember first day spending hours digging on my scraps|stash... oh, yes, I had to pick scraps but I'm adding one charm pack (Covent Garden by Benartex) that I bought some months ago. There are beautiful florals that remember me Liberty of London prints for sure.

The print with black background is from the collection Carnaby Street (2013) by Pat Bravo. One of my favorite prints ever. I made a dress with it, remember?

You're welcome to see dozens of the this block at the Flickr group. Let me know if you've joined in the Club too!


pixilatedtoo said...

Thank you for posting on this BOM. I hadn't heard of it till now. I've signed up! ~ Lynda

Jana Machado said...

Very cool, Lynda! I'm glad! Enjoy!