September 12, 2013

Riley Blake Fabric Festival (Lori Holt) and a winner!

Hi everyone! I've been missing posting on my blog since last week! As I told earlier I was about to go to Vegas to the Riley Blake Fabric Fest and... here I'm! 

I also need to reveal a name to our ninth quilt along week and I'm gonna to do this right in the end of this post... (keep patient!)

I don't even know how to start. I'm thrilled. I have met the quilters I admire so much. I've learned and spent a wonderful time sewing and sharing with quilters from many different places. So, I'll probably make two or three posts about the classes I took at the Festival and share a few pictures.

Let's start with Riley Blake Fabric Festival DAY 1!

Here she is... the sweetest quilter I've ever met... LORI HOLT. And her doll Kassidy.

 I first met LORI at the Shopping Ballroom (with many vendors, all fabric lines and embellishments from Riley Blake ) then I just said: "I love you and your work"! She probably got scared but it just came out of my mouth! Because it's true ;-) I've got so used to see her at the videos doing tutorials that I was feeling like we're friends, hahaha. LORI is so sweet that it couldn't be more pleasant to meet her.

This is a new quilt by LORI HOLT. It had a note attached saying that the pattern didn't come out yet. Are you amazed by this bike? She did a wonderful job! I'm sure the pattern will be a success!

I felt in love with this dress (newest Lori's fabric line, Gracie Girl). I just needed it! And I missed the fashion show when Kassidy went to the runway wearing it. Lori told me she's going to refer to this dress in her blog (pattern from Simplicity).

Adorable sewing machine...

Look at the flower on her blouse. She has a tutorial here.

Oh, I can't eat this cake. Too cute.

My kitchen definitely needs fancy jars like those...

And her popular Millie's dresses quilt.

So friends this is it for today! I've a lot, a LOT, to share and I'll be posting little by little. The Festival has come to the end a few hours ago, but, my family and I will be in Vegas until the end of the weekend.

Now, the winner is... JenGB from PinkDieselDesigns! Please email me with your info. I'm gonna send it to Jodi Nelson from Pleasant Home that will gladly send to you a box full of surprises! 

Stay tuned for the next project from our Simply Retro Quilt Along! I just had to skip this week with my  Sweet Life project and a new post with the open links because of the Festival, but next Monday, everything will be in the right place again! THANK you for participating!


Debbie said...

Wish I was at the Riley Blake Festival with Lori Holt! Wish I could tell her I love her also! :) Thank you for sharing such a nice post and great pictures of the event. Very fun to read about it! Almost like being there!

Jana Machado said...

So kind of you Debbie! I'm sure Lori would be flattered to know you also love her! I'm also glad for your kind words about the post and pictures. You're very welcome ;-)