August 02, 2013

Vintage quilt

I must be very short with my post today because my to-do-list speaks by itself! I am glad I finished my Vintage quilt from the Simply Retro quilt along! You can't imagine how much I have learned lately... not only about techniques and all the process of making quilts or sewing, but about being patient and persistent even when all the things around (or at least some of them) not seem to contribute for it.

This quilt is for a girl called Faith. How meaningful is this name?! Well, I really don't need to say much.

When I finished the top I realized it was very simple, specially because of the soft colors I chose for this quilt so, I decided to take a huge risk and go for a quilting style I never ever made before. I hope you can see my continuous flowers and loops all through this quilt. I played a lot! And I'm kind of proud of the result. Should I be? ;-)

Lots of pictures! Couldn't decide which one I should post...

The back became quite interesting because of the quilting. I also liked how this quilt turned out so light after quilting. The neutral fabrics on the top and back is a very light weight cotton. I also used Pellon Nature's Touch batting.

New link will be open today for Week 6. But check the Week 5 post and add a link for your finished project Dapper. See ya soon!


Love Of Quilts said...

Gorgeous quilt!

Jana Machado said...

Thank you "Love of Quilts"! Very sweet of you ;-)

karen berrisford-snow said...

Very pretty quilt, I also did some quilting with flowers connected by swirls for the first time. I can't post about it for a while since it's a gift.
Faith will love this quilt!

Wendy said...

I really love the soft colors you used for this one - and the quilting is perfect!

Jana Machado said...

Hi Karen! Thanks for stopping by! I thought quilting flowers would be more difficult, but I think it was quite fun!
I'd love to see your quilt. Please leave a link in the comments later when you can show your quilt. Have a great week!

Jana Machado said...

Thank you Wendy! I'm pleased with this quilt. Actually, I wasn't so sure how it'd turn out. But, now I think it's great

Sriya said...

Dear Jana,

You artwork is truly amazing! The vintage quilt is very beautiful. I wish I had even a little of sewing talent as yours :) Keep it up!