August 09, 2013

Readers appreciation giveaway and my almost finished quilt!

Hi readers! I've two news to give to you today: a good one and another one not that good... Let's go for the best first! My blog have had an intense traffic lately. Lots of people visiting my posts and I truly hope you all are getting some inspiration on your sewing and quilting projects seeing what I have been up too lately. 
When I restarted this blog a few months ago I wasn't sure about keeping it written in my primary language, Portuguese, or if I'd do it only in English. As soon as I decided writing it in English (I still have my challenges) hundreds of people started following my blog daily, people from all around the word. Who want to write a blog and have no one to read it? I enjoy what I do so much (sewing and quilting in the first place), but I also enjoy knowing that some of you are having some fun stopping here (I hope you don't mind seeing some mistakes once a while ;-) I also have a lot of fun reading some awesome blogs from quilters, sewists and crafters! 

Here it's my little "Thank you" :

 The following FOUR mini charm packs plus a Quiltermaker's 100 Blocks Magazine.

Marmalade by Bonnie & Camille
Civil War Jubille by Barbara Brackman
PB&J by Basic Grey
Simply Style by V and Co.



All you have to do is: 
1- Like my page on Facebook. I just created a new page and I promise my plan is sharing all the good stuff about quilting, fabrics, my projects and other friends projects.
This giveaway is open to every reader even if you are not participating in the Simply Retro quilt along. It's also for those that lives outside USA.

The other new is I couldn't finish my Dapper quilt today (so this is the bad new :-|). Actually I tried to quilt it with straight lines and I had so much trouble with tension on my machine. I ripped out some rows of stitching and had to do it again until I was too exhausted and decided to quilt it when my head will be fresh again in the morning.
So, I'll be back with my quilt soon this weekend! All I have for now is my almost finished quilt. Enjoy the giveaway (winner will be picked next Saturday, 17th) !


Melanie said...

Your quilt is looking fabulous! I hope the tension issues frustrating.

Jana Machado said...

Thanks Melanie! I ended up quilting it in a different way!