August 08, 2013

Improv blocks and a cute crew

I'm working on four projects at the same time this week... actually I don't like when things are getting out of control! On the other hand ideas about other projects on file just start popping up on my head when I'm working on something else (is that just me? haha). When ideas come, oh well, why wait?

I was staring at this mini charm pack from Sweetwater (collection called "The boo crew") for more than a month... I like it so much, actually I think is quite funny and cute those little monsters... I changed my mind a couple of times about how to piece them and just started making these improvisational blocks (or better call them only wonky log cabins for now?) with black around a four patch unit.

Not sure what it's going to be (a place mat? ) and still need to work on other prints and colors to be added to this project (for now the blocks are 6x6"). But, I already like it a lot!

As you can see my pile of mini charm packs just don't stop growing... Probably I'll be working in many projects at the same time for a while... can't help myself!

Come back tomorrow so I'll post pictures of my Dapper quilt and maybe come with a surprise... I'm thinking on calling it a "Readers appreciation giveaway"... what you think?!

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