July 26, 2013

Simply Retro Quilt along Week 5 - Dapper project and a giveaway!

Ready for the fifth project from the book Simply Retro? I'm! You know, this is the fifth project from the book but, I've selected and cut the fabrics since the first week of our quilting along. I was so sure about the fabrics and colors that I just did it!
I've heard some of you felling a little behind with the projects but, please, don't! I know it's a big challenge making quilts every other week. That's why this week I'm opening the link for new projects a little late. However, new projects will be accepted until August 11th. So, I think we will have enough time to add the link for our next project Dapper. Plus you'll get some little treats... actually BIG ones!

Our featured sponsors this week are: Fabric Bubb and Aurifil!


One charm pack Ride Collection by Julia Rothman (sooo cute!) and a Box with six 50wt spools (about $60 dollar value, WOW! I could make three baby quilts with one spool, think how many you can make with 6 spools!!!)


Please leave a link to your finished project from the fifth pattern called "Dapper" from the book Simply Retro by Camille Roskelley. It can be any project like a pillow, table runner, wall hanging or even a quilt top or a completed quilt from any size from the pattern. But, remember, only projects from Dapper pattern at this time! Entries will be accepted from July 26th 12:05pm until August 11th 11:55pm. 

You'll be participating in the giveaway after you leave your link using the button "Add your link". You could win: One box with six different colors of Aurifil threads 50wt spools + a charm pack of Ride Collection by Julia Rothman from Fabric Bubb! Only one winner will be randomly selected for both prizes! One entry for participant.


JLG said...

Is the last day to post the 11th or the 4th? At the beginning you state the 11th but then at the bottom of the post it says the 4th? Just need to make sure!

Jana Machado said...

Thank you "JLG" for letting me know! I made a typo! It's August 11th!

Logan Marriott said...

I'm having so much fun with this. Thank you Jana! also, I linked up from flickr and it says no thumbnail, but you can still click it and it takes you to my photo...not sure how to fix it. sorry.

Jana Machado said...

Hi Logan! I tried many ways to fix it, but I couldn't. Sorry. The link is working anyway. Thank you for letting me know!