July 30, 2013

Black & white pillow

Hi everyone! This is a pillow I made for a friend as a gift. She's going back to her country in a few days and I  really wanted to give her something that was made by myself. I got to know her favorite colors and I chose black and white. B&W have the right contrast to say that even though she went to tough moments recently, she was very victorious in the end (I'm glad I could be there in both moments). 

I used quilt-as-you-go technique and it is quite addictive! Actually I have more pieces to show (kind of UFO projects :-| that I started months ago), but, I'm finishing them ;-)

I've been very, very busy lately making a tutorial and also finishing my Vintage quilt ( I know, it was supposed to be pillows, remember? Oh gosh, it's another quilt!) for this week. Are you working on your Vintage project? You have one more day to add your link! Run, run, run!


Melanie said...

Your pillow turned out lovely!

Jana Machado said...

Thank you Melanie! I wasn't confident working only with white and black,but actually it's quite fun! I'm gonna gift my friend this upcoming weekend.

Wendy said...

OH, this is a gorgeous pillow, Jana! Love it!

Karina said...

Nossa amiga que fashion! Gostei! bjs