July 16, 2013

Baby Love blocks

Usually on Mondays I've been posting my quilts from the Simply Retro quilt along completely done, even quilted (hours sewing at dawn), but this week I'm a little behind :-/ However I've my nine blocks done. Actually, the only thing I haven't decided yet is how I'm gonna quilt Baby Love... some ideas like free lines or straight lines have crossed my mind.

As always I had to make it a bit scrappy ;-) I had a charm pack of Little Red Riding Hood by Tasha Noel and some solids and polka dots that I added to complete the blocks. Camille suggests in the book two charm packs for this quilt, but I decided to make it only with what I had plus fabrics from my stash. And it worked. These are five of my nine blocks and all the colors I chose for them. 


I'll be back soon with Week 4 (some delay to post it, but i'm gonna extend some days for you to link it) and all the giveaway info for the next project of the book Simply Retro. 
Would you like to tell how have been your sewing experiences during these four weeks of quilting along? Do you feel it too quick? Do you feel like making all the projects? Which one/ones have you chosen to make? I'd love to hear!
Wanna add a link for your Baby Love project? Click on Week 3.
Looking for the Week 2 winner? Check it out here!


thecalicocorner said...

the pink block is so darn cute!!! now I think I need to make an entire pink quilt using this block!!

Logan Marriott said...

Your blocks turned out so cute! Love them. And I really like that you used what you already had. I'm trying not to spend a fortune on this fun quilt along, even though it's easy to do.
Thanks so much for drawing my name on the week 2 giveaway. I'm so excited!!

Jana Machado said...

Thank you "thecalicocorner"! Go for it! I'd love to see a entire pink quilt with this pattern!

Hi Logan! I know, I've spent with neutrals and batting, but using the most I already have. I need your email! Please contact me!

Elaine said...

Jana, that fabric line looks great in those blocks and your corners look good too! I hope to add mine now, although they are a week late!