June 04, 2013

Get ready for the Simply Retro Quilt Along!

As may of you know we're going to start our Quilt Along next June 24th. I just wanna give you some heads up on how it's going to be. So, I came up with this idea after I got to know Camille Roskelley's book was coming soon (available now). My heart just told me to do something very special that would hook me again on my sewing and specially my quilting world! The idea was there: quilting along through Simply Retro!

Let's put on a list what you need to participate in this quilt along:

1- Camille's book! It is available here and here.

2- Fabric for each project. It can be any fabric you want from any collection or fabric from your stash. Let's do something beautiful with those precious fabrics you've collected for a while! Each week I'm gonna give tips for the following project (I particularly LOVE using scraps on my projects, its such a good feeling using what you have. If you make something pretty from it, you have a great excuse to buy more! :-) We're going to have giveaways each week for participants. Doesn't it make quilting along even more fun and exciting?! I do think so, but I also would love to see you all commenting on each other projects and actively participating on the Simple Retro quilt along.

3- Get all the other supplies: batting, fabric for backing and threads, of course!

4- Just finished a block or even completed a quilt? Please share your link. Please share pictures! Please! (a link will be available after June 24th so you can share your link). Also use #SimplyRetro to hash tag through Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr and Twitter.

5- If you wanna some opinion on your fabric choices I'll be more than happy to help. Link any post about the Quilt Along and don't forget to check the flickr group and post your pictures there too.

6- Go to visit the links and leave a comment on somebody else's project. That's how you're going to make friends and get the best from this quilt along!

What you'll need for the first project from the book, called "Swell", page 16:
- This project is such a fun one! You can definitely use SCRAPS! Go for your bags and bins full of scraps and start choosing which ones are going to be in your first quilt.
- If you don't have enough material for this first project or just feel like a quilt sized at 63"x75" is not really what you wanna make from the pattern, then make a wall or a baby quilt. How about a pillow, or a block? Just go for something and get started!

I'm working in my top and I almost finished it except for one block I made a mistake changing the foot on my machine and ending up with a less than 1/4 inch seam allowance what make the block bigger than others :-/
OK, mistakes might appear on the way... just keep going! My top has 12 blocks instead of 20. I only used scraps for this project (they came from dozens of bags I made while ago, a lot of red and cute prints!). Come back on June 24th to see the quilt!

That's it! Any questions? Suggestions? Please, leave a comment or email me! 1,2,3 go!

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Sinta Renee said...

Thanks for all the info, you really have been organizing to make this a fun group! I love your pick for the first project. I'm looking forward to SR starting up!

Logan Marriott said...

I've been so excited to start this! Can't wait to see all your projects and everyone else's.

Jana Machado said...

Can't wait to see your projects girls! Let's quilt along!