May 09, 2013

Oh babies...

Right now I'm experiencing a completly different moment than when I was pregnant of my daughter. On that time I only had two pregnant friends that I just met and we could see each other once a while. So, I didn't have too many people to share my ups and downs during my pregnancy.
But now, let me tell you, I have three friends that just gave birth in the past five weeks! Another two friends are going to have their babies in the follow three weeks! Can't you belive that? Ok, this is kind of a excuse to not have done all of my quilt plans and all the baby stuff that is so fun to make and give.
Now combine those cute babies faces with some cute fabrics around designed specially for them? Imagine someone like me (and probably like you ;-D) finding great prices for this kind of fabric? This is the result: someone else's fabric stash is growing...
Here some stuff I have done lately:

Some burp towels and flannel receiveing blankets.

More baby stuff to come with these cute flannels (I just bought at Joann Fabrics last weekend).

Endless cutness... Which one is your favorite?


Melanie said...

Super cute burp towels!

Janaina Machado said...

Thanks Melanie! They're so easy to make!