April 01, 2013

Bunnies and balloons Dress

Sometimes my little model is just not in the mood to play dress up while mom take pictures! So,  I couldn't get nice full body pictures this time. On the other hand I have no doubt this is a gorgeous print for a baby/toddler dress...

"Children at play" (for Michael Miller) is the name of the collection where this print came from. The designer and illustrator of it is Sarah Jane. I found her blog very casually from reading a totally different subject blog that linked to Sarah Jane's website. I was so glad it turned out to get to know her work. I can spend hours there looking her sweet illustrations all over the site (she also has a jewelry collection,  frames and embroidery patterns available to shop). She is very, very talented. I immediately ordered some fabrics of this collection. I also ordered some from another collection called Out of Sea. I'm seeing some prints sold out in some online stores, so if you want to check out these fabrics you should act fast!

I got inspired by the bunnies and  balloons and chose buttons to match with the print. I also used the aqua polka dots fabric from Sarah Jane Children at Play collection to ad more fun at the bottom of the dress.


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