April 26, 2013

A baby quilt

I don't even know how to start with... I'm thrilled! Do you know that feeling of accomplishment ? That's it.

Here is the little story about this quilt. As I went to visit a friend that just had a baby girl I also saw the baby's nursery decoration. It was very delicate with green and purple/lilac being the main colors. I had an idea right away: this nursery needs a baby quilt! I went home and literally dug my bags of scraps! I knew I had enough scraps to make this quilt. It took me some hours to decide which ones would be as delicate on the project as that sweet baby nursery was.

It took more some days to make the blocks and so on... If there is a thing that I've learnt lately is how to be patient. Have I said that nap time is all I have to sew, cut, search for new projects, etc? That's it. Sometimes it doesn't last more than two hours. So, that's all I have. I'm happy anyway :-D

Back to the quilt. I chose a small stippling to quilt it. It also took me a lot to finish the whole quilt. I strongly recommend a bigger stippling, it'd make things much easier to finish.

The pattern is "Piece of Cake" by Camille Roskelley. She's a wonderful quilter and fabric designer (I have more to say about her in another post, promise!). You could take  Camille's class wherever you are right now. Not kidding! Go to the Craftsy website and take "Pre-cut piecing made simple" class by Camille. There are more patterns there and that's not all, the class is for a lifetime. Learn more here

The back of this quilt came out in a very improvisational way. I first cut the strips larger than the pattern requested (I was too excited to read things right!) so I had 2.5 inches of leftover strips from each block. Then, I decided they would be part of the back. This back was designed as the work went through, not sketched or anything!

I found a very cute box at Joann to keep the quilt... the colors matched perfectly with the quilt. Sweet!

I guess this was the only time Clarice could snuggled in this quilt... I can't wait to give it to the real owner! :-)


Karina said...

Nossa agora só produzindo. Gostei da modelo, está super fashion!


Janaina Machado said...

Oi Amiga! Produzindo devagar e sempre! Obrigada!
Thanks my friend! I've worked constantly even though little by little!