February 05, 2013

Hawaii Dresses

I made these two dresses with some fabric that I bought last time I visited Maui, Hawaii, four months ago. I got very surprised with all the nice craft stuff I was able to I found there, lots of bags and decorating items almost everything quilted by hand. I found a fabric store right in the historic center of the city (called Lahaina). As you can imagine, I went crazy (!) and in the same time tried to not go for everything I liked there. But, I couldn't resist this cute Hawaiian theme print. I also couldn't decide which background color was my favorite, the yellow or the pink one. When I grabbed these fabrics I sort of had an idea what to do with it latter... there it is! I hope you like it as much as I do!

Rock this dress, girl! (she was literally jumping and dancing at the time of this picture!)

Aren't these pockets a nice idea for the kids keep around some favorite tiny toys ?

Yes, you do rock it!

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